"He is His Own Thunder", acrylic

Robert Taylor

"Indian Shaman Working His Magic", Acrylic, $3250

“Marking Time”, Acrylic, $8,000

"We must Be The Change We Wish" acrylic, $500

"High Hopes", acrylic, $1100

"True Value" acrylic, $750

"Song's Echo", acrylic, $1800

"State of Grace", acrylic, $6000

"Running with the Bulls",
acrylic on paper, $400

"Warriors Song", acrylic, $1800

"The Blessing", acrylic, $1200

"Once Upon a Time", Acrylic, $7,200

"Face of History", acrylic, $500

“Chanter III”, Acrylic, $400

"All is Before Me and WIthin Me", acrylic, $8000

"Under the Divine", acrylic, $1400

"Let Us Dance to the Drum", oil,
$3,250, #5287

"Warrior with Red Shield", acrylic
$3,250, #5268